The representative singer from Amoy Digital Piano Co., Ltd. achieved the eighth position in the finals of the Xiamen Software Park Singing Competition.

On January 6, 2024, the melodious tunes of youth filled the Xiamen Software Park Phase III Innovation+ Conference Center as the grand finale of the "Zhonglian Century Cup" Xiamen Software Park Singing Competition unfolded. Twenty contestants stood out, showcasing their musical talents and unique charm in the finals, offering heartfelt blessings to the 25th anniversary of the software park through their songs.

This competition was jointly organized by the Xiamen Software Park Management Committee, Xiamen Information Group Labor Union Committee, Communist Youth League Committee of Xiamen Information Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Innovation Software Park Management Co., Ltd., Xiamen Software Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Zhonglian Century Co., Ltd. The event received strong support from the Communist Youth League Committee of Xiamen Jimei District, Xiamen Jimei District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, and Xiamen Jimei District Culture and Tourism Bureau.

The venue was packed, and the audience enthusiastically applauded and cheered for the outstanding performances of the contestants. The participants showcased high-level performances, interpreting various music genres such as pop, rock, and folk. Using music as a bond, they demonstrated the vitality and creativity of the software park.

After a rigorous selection process through preliminary and semi-final rounds, a total of 20 contestants advanced to the finals. They proved their strength and captivated the audience with their soulful voices. In a thrilling competition, the top 10 singers were finally determined.

The representative singer from Amoy Digital Piano Co., Ltd. achieved an impressive eighth place in the finals.