Amoy Digital Piano Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Enterprise Stories of Xiamen Software Park."

On December 14, 2023, the final round of the "Youthful Vigor, Pursuing Dreams Far and Wide" - Xiamen Software Park 25th Anniversary Series Events, the Enterprise Story Showcase, was held at the second phase of Xiamen Software Park.

Featuring diverse performances such as Ted talks, skits, skits, and singing, the event unfolded in a colorful array, with the atmosphere reaching new highs and continuous applause. The competition concluded with the selection of the Top Ten Enterprise Stories and Outstanding Enterprise Stories of Xiamen Software Park, followed by an award ceremony.

Since October, the Software Park Management Committee initiated the Xiamen Software Park 25th Anniversary Series Events, including the Enterprise Story Showcase, Short Video Competition, Theme Party Day Knowledge Competition, Dream Refueling Station, Programmer Care Day, Basketball Tournament, Singing Competition, and a visitation and exchange activity to the Metaverse Incubator, among others. These activities aimed to further stimulate the vitality and potential of companies in the park, enhance the happiness of park employees, showcase a modern, enterprising, innovative, high-tech, and international park culture, and elevate the influence and radiation of Xiamen Software Park.

The Enterprise Story Showcase in the Xiamen Software Park presented the development achievements of the 25 years, recounting the glorious years of the park's growth from small to strong, gradually evolving into the first software professional park in Fujian Province with an annual revenue exceeding one hundred billion. It also showcased the charm of the park's enterprises, encouraging them to tell innovative stories and enabling employees to spread positive narratives. During the event, the award ceremony for the Xiamen Software Park Short Video Competition was also held.

The event was organized by the Xiamen Software Park Management Committee, with the support of Xiamen Information Group Innovation Software Park Management Company, Xiamen Software Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd., Xiamen Software Park Development Strategic Committee (SAC), and Xiamen Strait Guide Development Co., Ltd.

As one of the significant events in the Xiamen Software Park 25th Anniversary Series, the Enterprise Story Showcase started in mid-October. Throughout the event, numerous enterprises from the first, second, and third phases of the software park enthusiastically participated. After careful evaluation by the organizers of the content of the enterprise stories, over 20 companies entered the final round of the Enterprise Story Showcase. In the final competition, with presentations including speeches, scene plays, recitations of situational poetry, piano performances, songs, and skits, each participating company showcased their "signature acts," providing the audience with a captivating experience.

After intense competition, Amoy Digital Piano Co., Ltd. was eventually honored with the title of "Top Ten Enterprise Stories of Xiamen Software Park."